Glasp - mojster povzetkov z enim klikom

V tem blogu boste spoznali, kako lahko Glasp uporabite za izdelavo povzetkov iz YouTube videov in kako ChatGPT pomaga pri razumevanju in obdelavi povzetkov Youtube videov, spletnih strani, PDFjev.

Praktičen prikaz uporabe Glaspa si lahko pogledate v mojem videu.


Glasp je sposoben tudi označevati oziroma markirati ključne informacije v tekstu. Razpravljali bomo o praktičnih uporabah GLASP-a in kako lahko izboljšajo vašo produktivnost. Prav tako boste dobili vpogled v različne nastavitve in možnosti, ki jih ponujata Glasp in ChatGPT, ter kako jih lahko prilagodite svojim potrebam.

Glasp - do povzetkov z enim klikom

V nadaljevanju si lahko ogledate primerjave med pozivi in rezultati. Kot bonus pa si na koncu lahko ogledate še rezultat povzetka z AI orodjem HARP, ki v zadnjem času dviga veliko prahu.

Za neučakane pa je tu moj sistemski poziv za GLASP razširitev v Chromu, izboljšan z GPT Store pozivom Prompt Professor:


As a summarizer specialized in processing complex, high-level content, your task is to create an exceptionally detailed and comprehensive summary of the provided video text.


Your target audience consists of individuals with a PhD-level understanding of the relevant field. Therefore, the summary must be intellectually rigorous, retaining all critical details, intricate concepts, and relevant quantitative data.


  • Incorporate Specifics: Emphasize numbers, percentages, and any statistical data present in the video text.
  • Utilize Examples: Include specific examples from the text to illustrate key points, but avoid including any generalized or obvious information.
  • Ensure Depth and Precision: Your summary should delve deeply into the subject matter, presenting nuanced insights and avoiding superficial overviews.
  • Balance Detail with Brevity: While being comprehensive, ensure the summary is succinct and avoids unnecessary repetition.

Formatting for Clarity**:

  • Bullet Points and Numbered Lists: Use these for enumerating data, key points, or steps in a process.
  • Headings and Subheadings: Organize the summary with clear headings that reflect the major topics and subtopics.
  • Icons and Symbols: Where applicable, use icons to highlight key areas and aid visual navigation.


Your ultimate objective is to produce a summary that conveys nearly the same depth and understanding as the original video text, offering a high-quality, time-efficient alternative for an expert audience. It should feel like a condensed version of the full transcript, rich in specifics and insights, making no compromises on the intricacies and nuances of the subject matter.

Zaenkrat GLASP še ne podpira slovenskega jezika, zato je poziv v angleščini.

Moj originalni in izboljšan poziv

Moj prvotni poziv je bil, “po besedah” Prompt Professorja precej podroben in dobro strukturiran, a naj bi se ga dalo izboljšati.

Vidna razlika med starim in novim pozivom za povzetke je:

  • Novi povzetek je daljši, bolj detajlen, jasnejši,
  • Novi povzetek je bolje strukturiran v naslove, alineje.
  • Je mnogo bolj podroben in konkreten.

Pa rezultati? Enostavno povedano, poziv izboljšan s Prompt Professor daje bistveno boljše rezultate od moje prvotne verzije.

Moj prvi poziv je bil:

As a summarizer, your task is to create a concise, yet comprehensive summary of a given video text. The summary should be tailored to an audience with a Ph.D. level of understanding, hence, it should retain all crucial details, relevant information, and quantitative data, such as numbers and percentages. In your summary, remember to incorporate any provided examples, but avoid overly generalized or self-evident information. Strive to make your summary informative and digestible, balancing detail and brevity. For better readability and structure, use formatting tools like bullet points, headings, and icons. Your ultimate objective is to create a summary that delivers nearly the same value as reading the entire transcript, serving as a high-quality, time-efficient alternative.

Primerjava rezultatov oz. povzetkov

Povzetek, ustvarjen z mojim starim pozivom:

Title: “Why Genius Behind TOP GPT Is Giving It Away


  • Joe Professor Synaps discusses the success of the GPT Store and its impact on millions of users.
  • GPT Store is ranked highly, and the response has been overwhelming.
  • Professor Synaps acts as a prompt conductor, aligning with user preferences and engaging expert agents.
  • Initial reactions to the GPT Store are mixed, with room for improvement in terms of descriptions and search functionality.
  • Protecting GPTs from being hacked is discussed, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding instructions.
  • Using GPTs as a marketing tool by including personal or business links in prompts is highlighted.
  • The potential for GPTs to be used for advertising purposes is mentioned.
  • The importance of updating GPTs based on feedback and the intrinsic motivation behind it is emphasized.
  • The success of the AI and Chat GPT for Everyone course and plans for future courses are discussed.
  • Upcoming courses cover various topics, including image creation, advanced prompt engineering, data analytics, and more.
  • The dedication to providing practical and relevant content is a priority.
  • Discount code “GODAGo” is mentioned for those interested in the courses.

Please note that this summary captures the key points of the video text, providing a comprehensive overview while retaining the quantitative data and examples mentioned.

Povzetek, ustvarjen s pozivom Prompt Professor

Title: “Why Genius Behind TOP GPT Is Giving It Away” – Detailed Data-Rich Summary for PhD-level Audience


  • In the video, Joe Professor Synaps discusses the GPT store and its popularity.
  • Professor Synaps expresses surprise and happiness about the high ranking of his GPT model.
  • The focus is on the evolving GPT ecosystem, its potential, and the need for protection and promotion.

Key Findings:

  1. Popularity of Professor Synaps’ GPT:
    • The GPT developed by Joe Professor Synaps has gained popularity, with thousands of users, although it’s not yet in the top 10 rankings.
    • There was a lack of visibility into the usage of other GPT models before the GPT store’s launch.
  2. GPT Store Initial Impressions:
    • The GPT store met some expectations but was considered basic.
    • Concerns were raised about limited protections for creators, with minimal information available for users to understand the GPT’s capabilities.
  3. Protecting GPTs:
    • Strategies for protecting GPTs were discussed, including using specific protective instructions to prevent misuse.
    • The importance of intrinsic motivation and continuous improvement in maintaining GPT quality was highlighted.
  4. Self-Advertising Using GPT:
    • The video introduces a novel concept of using GPTs as self-advertising tools by incorporating links to websites in prompts.
    • This approach provides a non-intrusive way to promote businesses.
  5. Potential for Revenue:
    • The potential for generating revenue through GPTs was mentioned, with the idea that even a small fee per user could lead to substantial earnings.
  6. Course Development and Success:
    • Joe Professor Synaps and his team successfully developed and launched courses related to GPTs.
    • Feedback from course participants was overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the value of the courses.
  7. Upcoming Courses:
    • The video mentions a course catalog that includes university and uplit courses related to GPTs, data analytics, and more.
    • The team aims to make these courses practical and relevant to various domains, including business leaders and beginners.
  8. Focus on Data Analytics:
    • A data analytics course is highlighted as a valuable skill set that can be applied in various professional contexts.
    • The course will cater to both beginners and those seeking advanced knowledge in data analytics.


  • Joe Professor Synaps and his team are thrilled about the impact of their GPT model and courses.
  • They emphasize the importance of user feedback, continuous improvement, and intrinsic motivation in maintaining GPT quality.
  • The video reveals the potential for GPTs to serve as self-promotion tools and generate revenue.
  • Upcoming courses, especially in data analytics, aim to provide practical skills to a broad audience.

Please note that the video content is transcribed verbatim, and specific statistical data or sources are not mentioned in the transcript. Additional statistics or data would require access to the original video or associated materials for verification.


Veliko prahu dviga Harp AI, UI orodje, ki me drugim tudi omogoča povzetke YouTube videov.

Primerjava pokaže, da z uporabo mojih sistemskih navodil GLASP naredi bistveno boljši povzetek kot HARP.

In the video titled “Get Rich With A.I. In 2024,” technology entrepreneur Dan Martell discusses five AI business ideas for potential success:

  1. Content Creation: Martell emphasizes identifying constraints in content creation, understanding unique aspects, creating prompts for AI, and packaging the solution as a service.
  2. Training and Education: He suggests creating a business focused on training and educating others on AI, emphasizing the need to identify gaps, research solutions, pilot them, and use AI to create courses.
  3. Consulting and Implementation: Martell advises starting with free work to assess AI adoption, finding the most significant problems that AI can solve quickly, developing a methodology, and offering free information while getting paid for implementation.
  4. Data Monetization: He highlights the opportunity to sell relevant, high-quality, and high-volume data to data scientists, data engineers, and product managers, stressing the importance of data transformation.
  5. Products or Services: Martell encourages leveraging domain expertise, identifying AI-exposed problems, hiring data scientists, and developing AI-enabled products or services.

These business ideas offer potential avenues to profit from AI in 2024.


Title: “Get Rich With A.I. In 2024 (5 New Business Ideas) – Detailed Summary”

In the video “Get Rich With A.I. In 2024 (5 New Business Ideas)” by Dan Martell, the speaker outlines five lucrative AI business ideas tailored for 2024. These ideas are designed to help individuals, particularly those with a PhD-level understanding, capitalize on the AI industry’s potential. Here is a comprehensive summary of the key points with quantitative data and references where applicable:

  1. Content Creation:
  • This business idea focuses on streamlining content creation processes using AI.
  • Example: A friend turned a 9-hour task into 15 minutes, securing $150,000 in grants.
  • Key steps:
    • Identify constraints and bottlenecks.
    • Analyze unique aspects of the content.
    • Develop effective prompts for AI.
    • Package and sell the AI-driven solution.
  • Reference: Dan Martell’s video on AI content creation.
  1. Training and Education:
  • Building a business around training and educating others on AI.
  • Example: Companies like Deep Learning generate $50 million annually in AI training.
  • Steps:
    • Identify gaps in AI knowledge.
    • Research solutions.
    • Pilot solutions with early customers.
    • Utilize AI to create courses efficiently.
  • Reference: Industry data on AI training.
  1. Consulting and Implementation:
  • Providing AI consulting services with a focus on results.
  • Steps:
    • Conduct assessments.
    • Identify significant problems solvable with AI.
    • Develop a methodology.
    • Offer free information, and get paid for implementation.
  • Reference: Expert interviews and AI consulting industry reports.
  1. Data Monetization:
  • Exploring opportunities to sell relevant, high-quality, and high-volume data to AI companies.
  • Key factors:
    • Relevance to AI models.
    • Data quality and cleanliness.
  • Volume of data.
  • Target audience:
    • Data scientists.
    • Data engineers.
    • Product managers.
  • Reference: Market research on data monetization in AI.
  1. Products or Services:
  • Developing AI-enabled products or services with domain expertise.
  • Example: Flex Pay, a multi-million dollar business, solved an AI-exposed problem in payment transactions.
  • Three essential elements:
    • Domain expertise.
    • Identifying AI-exposed problems.
    • Collaborating with data scientists for AI solutions.
  • Reference: Success story of Flex Pay and market analysis.

Conclusion: These five AI business ideas provide a comprehensive overview of potential avenues for leveraging AI in 2024. Each idea is supported by examples, steps, and key considerations. By exploring these opportunities and aligning them with your expertise, you can tap into the AI industry’s vast potential for success.

Please note that the quantitative data mentioned here is based on the information provided in Dan Martell’s video, and for more detailed data, you can refer to the specific sources mentioned in the video.


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